Tips For Writing A Medicine Personal Statement

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  • Below I have outlined my top five tips for writing your personal statement. and how to avoid the common pitfalls. Before you begin. make two key lists I advise every candidate. before they jump straight into writing. to answer a few key questions. The first is to write down why they want to do medicine in list form.
  • Medical schools give varying advice on how to structure a personal statement. and about what skills they want applicants to demonstrate. This can make it …
  • Writing the conclusion to your medicine personal statement To close your personal statement. you need to sum up why you want to be a doctor and why you’re suited to the career. Don’t display arrogance by assuming you’re going to get into medical school (eg ‘I look forward to seeing you at interview’). but do show confidence.
  • Writing a personal statement is a difficult but necessary part of the medical school application process. which is often partly used to select candidates for an interview. It is therefore the first chance that applicants get to become more than just a statistic to the panel. and ultimately demonstrate to them why 5 / 6 years of time and money should be invested in you .
  • The structure of your Medicine Personal Statement is a matter of personal preference. but we suggest the best format to follow is to cover the following points: Why you want to be a Doctor (motivation) Work experience — and what you learnt from it (exploration)
  • Cecilia — University of Liverpool ‘After writing my personal statement. I gave it to several people I trusted to read it. such as my parents. close friends and my career advisor. I received generally positive feedback. However. since they were people who knew me well. they observed my PS was too rigid and wooden. and my enthusiasm for this career path wasn’t shining through. I scrapped . . .
  • However. try to avoid the most obvious opening sentences in your personal statement. so you stand out from the first line. To help. every year UCAS publishes a list of the most common opening lines in personal statements. and urges applicants to avoid using these hackneyed phrases. Previous years’ top five included: ‘From a young age…’
  • Tips for writing your personal statement Writing your personal statement can be difficult — where to begin? Get hints and tips on structure. content and what not to write from an industry expert. APPLYING TO UNIVERSITY UNDERGRADUATE. Cicely Oliver 07 Oct 2020. Bookmark article An insider’s view . Personal statements may seem formulaic. but they can be critical to the decision …
  • A medical school personal statement is relatively short (less than 1/3 the length of this article). so you’ll need to be selective when deciding what to include. As you identify your areas of focus. always keep the prompt in mind — your personal statement needs to …



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